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My white canvas

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012
I finally took the decision to buy a flat, they said the third try is the good one... so now in my third try looks like I finally get to buy my own flat.

It has all the things I wanted the flat of my dreams to have:
- A big terrace, to have place to sit i n the summer evenings to read or to take the dinner, and to sit on the warmest autumns evenings under a blanket reading a nice book.
- A bath, to be able to take a warm relaxing batch with salts during the coldest days of winter.
- And..... a huge walk-in closet! where I will be able to have all my clothes, bags and specially shoes in a nice order :)

And what is great too is that is under construction, therefore I can pick everything as I want it to be, I can build the walls as I want, I can furnish it as I want and I am totally free, is my white canvas, I understand how it feels a painter now :)
Last months decoration has became my new hobby so this will give me a great opportunity to explore it and develop it.

It is true that the flat could be bigger, the layout of the kitchen/living room is taking most of my mind´s free time (that is anyway not too much to be honest) and maybe the bathroom could be a bit bigger too... but I think as a first flat is not bad, maybe in some time I can make other dream come true and buy an old big house and reconstructed totally, but for now the flat will be a bit starter and practice.

Let me show you my white canvas, the plan as sent by the constructor:

And after thinking a lot this is the distribution I think I will put:
This is how will look all in 3d:

The kitchen / living room is the part that I am still not conviced... this is how will look 3d, I have thought all possible combinations and this is the one that I think is best, even not ideal... but with some flowers and nice decoration in the shelves behind the sofa I think can look ok:

According to feng shui is not good to put a sofa back to a door, and I don´t like how it looks but is the other option that or have much more less kitchen...

I will keep updating the progress of my white canvas...


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