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My white canvas

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012
I finally took the decision to buy a flat, they said the third try is the good one... so now in my third try looks like I finally get to buy my own flat.

It has all the things I wanted the flat of my dreams to have:
- A big terrace, to have place to sit i n the summer evenings to read or to take the dinner, and to sit on the warmest autumns evenings under a blanket reading a nice book.
- A bath, to be able to take a warm relaxing batch with salts during the coldest days of winter.
- And..... a huge walk-in closet! where I will be able to have all my clothes, bags and specially shoes in a nice order :)

And what is great too is that is under construction, therefore I can pick everything as I want it to be, I can build the walls as I want, I can furnish it as I want and I am totally free, is my white canvas, I understand how it feels a painter now :)
Last months decoration has became my new hobby so this will give me a great opportunity to explore it and develop it.

It is true that the flat could be bigger, the layout of the kitchen/living room is taking most of my mind´s free time (that is anyway not too much to be honest) and maybe the bathroom could be a bit bigger too... but I think as a first flat is not bad, maybe in some time I can make other dream come true and buy an old big house and reconstructed totally, but for now the flat will be a bit starter and practice.

Let me show you my white canvas, the plan as sent by the constructor:

And after thinking a lot this is the distribution I think I will put:
This is how will look all in 3d:

The kitchen / living room is the part that I am still not conviced... this is how will look 3d, I have thought all possible combinations and this is the one that I think is best, even not ideal... but with some flowers and nice decoration in the shelves behind the sofa I think can look ok:

According to feng shui is not good to put a sofa back to a door, and I don´t like how it looks but is the other option that or have much more less kitchen...

I will keep updating the progress of my white canvas...


Good Monday morning!

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011
Starting a warm, sunny and nice week ahead!

Street Photography

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011
When I was in London few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit an exhibition of Street Photography in the Museum of London (

Street photography can be define as a type of photography that capture the subjects in candid situations in public places: streets, parks, malls... it is not about the kind of "tourist" pictures, is about capturing the people in daily, ordinary situations in regular places

It can sound like a bit boring way of photography, even I was not sure I would like it before I went to the exhibition, but the introductory video changed my mind, this kind of photography is quite old, since the first cameras were invented people felt the need of going to the street and capture that regular moments.
If we think about it, centuries ago the painting were letting some kind of documentation of regular, ordinary situations, but that kind of painting is not in use anymore, so the way that we have to let our print in the history, the way that people will see in some centuries how we are living is from the pictures, and that is the most important aspect of street photography, it could be the way how the future generations would be able to see how was the life in the XX and XXI centuries.

And as images speak loudly than words I want to add few examples of street photography:
Eugene Autget 1920

Helen Levitt 1940

Helen Levitt 1942

Welcome to My World

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011
This will be my second blogger experience and I have decided to create a positive blog.. full of nice things and ideas, far away from deep and blue thoughts (as my first blog used to be).

What can you expect in this blog? Mainly I want to put here the nicest and most interesting things from my hobbies and the things that really interested me therefore you will see...
  • Photographic related stuff: pictures, findings, exhibitions, tips, courses...
  • Decoration related stuff: pictures, books, findings, advices collected,...
  • Travelling: information about interesting places, travels advices, travels histories..
  • Writing / reading: time to time maybe some nice poetry lines could jump over here, some books review, some nice readings...
So that will be it... Welcome to my world!